Monday, May 26, 2008

Grass Valley

I flew to Sacramento today for work and it amazed me how unresponsive people were to me being pregnant. I'm positive that I'm to the point where I definitely do not look fat, but actually pregnant and I was wearing a shirt that really shows off my belly. Now, I realize people aren't going to just come up and start saying "when is it due?", etc. because there are enough horror stories with that mistake. But when I finally waddled myself over to the gate, there was nowhere to sit. I also don't expect people to give up their seat to me, but there were a couple people that just had their bag on the seat next to them and a guy who had his feet up on the seat. No one even flinched to let me sit down. So I sat on the floor and ate my McDonalds. I guess the nice thing was that a couple people gave the guy with his feet on the seat a dirty look after they saw me on the floor. I guess it's just one example of chivalry being dead.

On the other side of the coin, I've gotten a pretty warm reception here in Grass Valley. The receptionist/general manager of the inn that I'm staying at remembered me from the last time I was here about a month and a half ago and was very interested in how the pregnancy was going and how I was feeling. She also picked out a bunch of stuff for my breakfast in the morning (they leave it in your fridge for the night before) and it was almost exactly what I ordered last time I was here. After I got checked in and started going to my room I heard a "Hey, Liz!" and it was one of the DTI core team members, Pat. He came over and also wanted to know how I was doing, told me I looked great and glowing and then brought me their leftover pizza and salad. They do certainly take care of me here. :)

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