Sunday, February 24, 2008


I wish I had a great excuse for not posting in so long, but it has been nothing other than sheer laziness and fatigue. I honestly cannot believe how tired I have been! I feel like I am on "good" cold medicine 24/7 because I am out of it and my head feels foggy. I have been able to not give in to my old caffeine fall-back, mostly because sugar water sounds pretty horrid right about now. I tried to stay up last night, but didn't make it past 11, and actually haven't for about a month. I feel like at about 10 every night I have to lay down and stretch out because my insides feel crowded, or at least that's the best way I can explain it.

On a very exciting note, I think I've been able to feel the baby move a couple times! (Even if it was just gas or something, I'm going to go on believing it was baby.) The first time I was sitting at my computer and it felt like someone moved their finger across my insides - maybe someone was swimming around a bit violently? :) The second time I was laying in bed and it was just a really weird sensation that felt kind of like butterflies, but it was almost warm. Weird. Just the idea that all of these symptoms and feeling are coming from an actual person inside of me is really mind-blowing.

Everyone who has "predicted" what this baby will be has said girl. There have been 2-3 people at work, my doctor, Christine, and the Chinese conception chart (I've been bored the last couple weekends) all are thinking girl. I'm honestly leaning toward boy though, because I've had cravings for salt and not at all sweet, and the majority of people I've talked to have had morning sickness with boys, not girls. We'll see! I've got about a month until we find out, I think. We don't have an ultrasound set up yet, but she said they would do another one at 18 weeks, and that would be in April.

Mom and Dad got their package to tell them the news last Friday and were very, very happy. Mom called and screamed and was thrilled and Dad called me a couple days later to talk and find out how I was doing. Some people at work were asking me if I was nervous to tell my parents, and I didn't know how to answer. Of course not!! I knew the reaction I was going to get and, of course, it was good. I am realizing more and more how blessed I am to be in this great family.

My tummy really popped out this week. Unless I wear a tight shirt you can't tell and really no one would know I was pregnant because it still could look like fat. But I can tell!! It's kind of strange because I've got this prominent pooch, but it is hard when you push on it, instead of flubby. I suppose that makes sense though, since there is a large grapefruit sized waterballon in my abdomen!

Off to eat some more!
I swear if I keep this up I will gain 100 pounds by September, but luckily I've been fluctuating between only 4-6 pounds extra. Whew! Now as long as I lay off the cheeseburgers......

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