Monday, February 11, 2008

I got back from business trip #2 to Carson City, and this one was even better than the last. This time I didn't go alone, Alan (the Art Director of the Tribune) went along with me too. As much as I like traveling alone, it was really nice to have him along to kind of take care of me. A lot of the days I didn't feel great so having him there to drive, etc. was a blessing. I told the DTI team right off the bat so that they knew. They were all so happy for me and took great care of me, making sure I had enough to eat and anywhere that we went had food. :) One night a couple of us went and saw Juno (About the movie) which is a great movie, especially in my "current state".

The bad part of the trip was that I managed to get a horrible cold. Complete with runny nose and cough, the best part about the whole situation is that I can't take anything except Tylenol. Tylenol did nothing before I got pregnant, and really isn't helping now, so I've given up on that. Luckily, I think the worst is over now and I will be mostly ok for work tomorrow.

My first doctor's appointment and u/s are tomorrow, I am so excited! There is a little part of me that is petrified that maybe something is wrong and I'm going to miscarry, but I'm still pretty nauseous and haven't had bad cramping or bleeding, so there is really nothing to backup that feeling.

Final thing for tonight - Nate is the sweetest husband ever. Since we found out he has let me have the big couch with no argument and he curls up in a ball on the love seat. Most of the time I give in and let him have the couch anyway, but he always made me move before. And on Sunday I was absolutely miserable but we had to go to an open house at Grandpa John's house. Very little of the food looked appetizing and the rest I pretty much couldn't eat so I left pretty hungry. I told him that I wanted grapes and a cheeseburger for dinner and he drove me to Safeway and McDonald's on our way home, just to get me my food. He's really the best and I am so lucky to have a guy who cares about me so much.

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