Monday, January 14, 2008


After a pretty unenthusiastic first response to the positive test ("Yeah, I already knew that you were") Nate has really been expressing his exitment about having a baby. He was already anticipating something big was going to happen because of the changes in his life. He has been drifting away from his friends a little, and some have even moved away. A couple of weeks ago he said "I don't know what God is doing, but he must be preparing me for something to change". And what do you know - here I am 5 weeks pregnant!

I am very much looking forward to watching Nate grow as a Dad. (Nate as a dad - that is going to take some getting used to!) We went to visit his friends last weekend and just watching him interact with their 3 year old daughter made me want to cry. (Ok, the over-abundance of hormones didn't help that any.) When we were watching a movie she wanted to sit in between the two of us and she fit pretty nicely. Then, of course, he started tickling her, but she loved it and the two of them got along so well. As we were driving home he told me that he could get used to having a little person sitting between us. He had also been very excited to just play with his kids. It has amazed me as to how much he picks up on other people's parenting styles. While he defintiley believes in a spanking every now and then, he has made it very clear that you shouldn't treat your kids like grown ups - let them be kids. This is definitley going to be a great ride.

I called the clinic this morning and they are going to call me back in the next 24 hours to do a prenatal interview. They told me that after that they'll make me an appointment and schedule my first ultrasound. MY first ultrasound! I don't think it really sunk in until I heard that. It really feels like this is MY pregnancy. What a crazy feeling.

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