Friday, January 18, 2008

Trip to Carson City

Today I got back from my business trip to Carson City, NV to help with the DTI install at a newspaper there. It really was a lot of fun, the DTI core team is made up of a lot of great people. I feel like we got a lot accomplished and really had a pretty good time too.

So after craving Roast Beef like crazy last weekend, buying a bunch at Safeway and then eating a huge sandwich, I realized that I'm not supposed to have deli meat. It has really been a challenge for me to not eat/drink anything bad. None of it has been on purpose but it seems like everything that is "off-limits" I'm managed to eat before I found out I was prego. I've had sushi, fish, feta cheese, alcohol (not a lot, just a little over the holidays), calamari, shrimp, roast beef, caffiene and I'm sure there's more. I feel like such a bad mom, but I didn't realize what I was doing! I just hope that my baby turns out totally healthy and none of my mistakes will end up hampering my child's future. I have been able to clear my mind a little bit by doing research about each thing that I ate and none of them - aside from the alcohol - are really bad in moderation, they just need to be avoided from now on.

Off to go find something "baby kosher" :)

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